Roxy feels guilty for agreeing to take the flat from Archie behind Sean‘s back when Sean goes AWOL. Roxy is relieved when Sean returns home, but he isn’t ready to forgive her. Roxy retreats to the Vic flat and when Sean tries to see her Archie prevents him. Sean darkly warns Archie that as soon as the baby is born he and Roxy will be leaving Walford…

Jack is determined to get Stacey to retract her witness statement to the police. He tells Stacey that Max has died in hospital and if Tanya goes to prison for murder it will only tear the family further apart. A shocked Stacey refuses to change her statement and Jack confesses that he lied – Max is still alive. Jack tries to bribe Stacey, but she isn’t interested.

Suzy asks Ian to bake her cake for the ‘competition’ with Shirley. Ian commissions Linda and asks for a Bugsy Malone theme. Shirley and Suzy’s cakes are unveiled, but Suzy is stunned that her cake is shaped like a gun! Shirley’s Queen Vic cake wins and is the prize in the Children In Need raffle. A furious Suzy shoves her cake in his face!

Also, Christian is back and is reunited with Linda.

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