He thinks he’s in the clear for Alex’s murder, but Cameron’s hit with yet another nightmare he gets a text that reads ‘You haven’t got away with it’. He assumes he’s being blackmailed about Alex’s murder, but the text is actually from Sean, who’s still smarting over Cameron roughing him up about Debbie’s car. When Cameron hands over £500 in an anonymous cash drop, Sean is baffled as to why he’s coughed up…

Rhona returns home, but it’s all change. Paddy is furious with Vanessa and banishes her from their lives. She moves in temporarily with Moira, who in turn supports Paddy and Rhona with her own experiences of drug addiction. Paddy doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to help his wife through the dark times ahead, but for the sake of her son Leo he makes moves towards a reconciliation.

Struggling businessman Declan admits to Megan he needs a cash injection, and soon. It’s Steve who is most intrigued by Declan’s woes and when Nicola reveals more than she should about his troubles, Steve spots an opportunity.