*First episode*
Steve is in a strop that Michelle is getting on so well with Sonny and he’s missed his chance with her. Liz advises Steve to forget about Michelle but he can’t rein in his jealousy and Michelle is angry when Steve is unnecessarily nasty to Sonny. Michelle brings her new beau into the Rovers and Sean is in shock when he sees him and it’s obvious they’ve met before.

Cilla is called in to Chesney’s school to talk about his mood swings and she feels guilty for her lies and the pain she’s caused her son. In a bid to win back Chesney’s favour she reveals that she’s going to redecorate the house and make it a place that he’ll want to come home to, but Chesney is not impressed.

Norris is suspicious when a mystery woman turns up at the Kabin and appears to be snooping around. Norris starts to tell Rita about the incident when the woman suddenly reappears. Rita is delighted to see her as she’s her old schoolfriend Doreen Fenwick, who she contacted through the Classmates Reunited website. Norris is put out.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sean collars Sonny and tells him he wants a word with him for messing with his head on their previous encounter. It’s soon clear that Sean once had a relationship with Sonny and is surprised to see him with Michelle. Sonny tells Sean that Michelle doesn’t know that he’s bisexual and he sees no reason to tell her. Sean can’t bring himself to tell Michelle himself but hints to Steve that Sonny is not all he seems.

Cilla is miserable at her failure to win round Chesney and she tells Fiz that she’s a bad parent. Cilla tells Fiz that she realises how badly her lies affected him and she wants to make it up. Fiz is sympathetic when Cilla wants her to send Chesney home, but Chesney isn’t keen to go.

Tracy is feeling low and she turns to Steve for comfort. The couple discuss what would have happened if they had stayed together and their heart-to-heart leads to a flirt.