Sean nearly hits Charlie

Sean returns to the Slaters after going AWOL but Charlie is still stewing over Sean’s attitude. The tension spills over and they end up arguing. A frustrated Sean nearly hits Charlie but stops himself just in time. Sean breaks down and admits that he feels guilty that he wasn’t around when Stacey was growing up. Sean makes a decision and he visits Jean but he ends up pocketing some of her tranquilisers.

Jase worries about leaving Jay alone while he goes out and he warns Jay not to open the door to anyone. Jay doesn’t take his dad seriously and when Terry calls round and claims he’s Jase’s mate, Jay invites him in. Jase panics to find Jay gone but Jay returns safely and reveals to Jase that he went to see the fireworks with Terry.

Peggy and the girls are relieved when Peggy pays off her debt to the debt collector, but Roxy is in the mood for spending money. Ronnie is furious when she discovers that Roxy has sold her engagement ring for £5,000 and spent the money on a new car and a boxer puppy!

Also, Jack continues to flirt with Ronnie; Billy is too skint to buy the family fireworks; Dawn is still interested in Jase.

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