Sean plans to murder Roxy and Amy!

*One-hour episode*

Sean has Amy snug in a baby car seat in the back of a family car that he is hotwiring. Meanwhile, Archie is trying to comfort a distraught Roxy. Stacey leaves a message for Sean and he texts Roxy a picture of Amy to show that she’s safe. Sean picks up the call when Roxy rings, but hangs up when she begs him to come back.

Sean arranges with Stacey to meet in the park and he hands Stacey the baby, saying he needs her to look after her for him while he has something to do. Stacey takes Amy straight round the Vic and Roxy is overjoyed to see her daughter. Later, Sean slips into the Slaters and confronts Stacey for taking Amy, then disturbingly says he needs to ‘meet’ his dad, before quietly leaving…

Ronnie confronts Jack and tells him she wants him to sell R&R to her. Jack is upset by Ronnie’s coldness and he begs her to take him back. Ronnie makes it very clear that she wants nothing more to do with him and he is gutted.

Also, Danielle tells Ronnie about the defaced Mitchell photo of Sean’s; Bianca and Ricky worry about a withdrawn Whitney.

Sean sneaks into the Vic to see Roxy and convinces her to leave Walford with him. Ronnie sees them leaving, but doesn’t stop them. Jack is horrified when he finds out and insists Sean is dangerous. A worried Ronnie sets off with Jack to find them. Meanwhile, Roxy is terrified when Sean takes her and Amy to a frozen lake and hints he wants them to die together. Roxy secretly calls Ronnie’s mobile so she can overhear her asking Sean where they are.

Jack speeds towards the frozen lake. Roxy escapes the jeep as Sean revs the engine, but she can’t release Amy from her baby seat. Roxy lures Sean away from Amy and onto the ice so Ronnie can rescue Amy. The ice cracks and Roxy and Sean plunge into the freezing water. Ronnie dives in to save Roxy, while Sean frees her from some weeds and Ronnie drags Roxy to the surface. Sean appears to have drowned but Roxy sees him dragging himself out of the lake and mouths at him to go.

Bianca and Ricky take Whitney and the kids to the pub to show Whitney she’s a loved member of the family. Whitney has a heart-to-heart with Janine, who keeps her mum’s address to herself.

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