Sean Tully shows Billy the ‘real’ Todd

Sean Tully can't help but feel smug when Billy realises Todd has betrayed him in Corrie

Phelan invites Todd for a chat at the development site, but when he spots the contents of Vinny’s holdall, he’s alarmed to realise the lengths Vinny is prepared to go to silence Todd!

Meanwhile, Sean Tully answers a call on Todd’s mobile and reveals to a stunned Billy who was on the other end of the line…

Alex approaches Phelan about buying one of his flats. Unscrupulous Phelan demands a £15,000 reservation fee and suggests Alex asks Roy for a loan. Will Roy agree? Meanwhile, Eileen agrees to hold a flat for Alex when Cathy pledges to raise the funds.

Sonia’s jealous when Sharif takes Yasmeen out for a romantic lunch. Later, alone at No.6, Sonia suggests to Sharif they make the most of the empty house…

Audrey tears a strip off Freddie for abandoning her at dinner; can he win her back round? Beth begs Kirk to come home.