Sean reveals Max’s double life

Sean is pleased now that he’s finally got something on Max and he mentions to Stacey that he heard Max talking dirty on the phone to a lover. Stacey worriedly tips off Max, who races to get to Tanya before Sean. Tanya has already seen Sean, but Max is relieved when she reveals that she sent him away without listening to what he had to say to her. Sean refuses to be beaten and when he sees Tanya and Max in the pub he tells Tanya what he overheard. Max insists that Sean is making up lies to try and divide them. Later, Sean warns Max that he’ll get him – he’s just waiting for him to slip up…

Rob and May go along to Ian’s birthday party but May starts feeling uncomfortable when talk turns to Dawn and how difficult her pregnancy must be for May. May slips out of the house and Rob is left to deal with a drunk Ian’s accusations on his own. Ian has a go at Rob for getting Dawn pregnant and Rob finally reaches the end of his tether.

He picks up an ornament and hurls it at a stunned Ian, who then passes out!

Meanwhile, a desperate May resolves to push Dawn into returning to Walford and she borrow Rob’s phone and sends a text from ‘Rob’ to Dawn, that says ‘I love you so much’.

Billy is feeling despondent on Honey’s birthday as he wants to buy her champagne and chocolates but he’s so skint that he can’t afford to get her the treats. An unwitting Honey pops in to the shop to borrow some money from Billy and Phil sees Billy is short of cash. Phil bungs Billy a tenner and he sets off to buy things for a surprise birthday picnic at the flat. Billy sets out the meal – but the electricity cuts out.

Also, Bert and Jay behave well in front of the social worker; Keith worries about the amount of time Darrens’ spending locked in his room and insists that the lock is removed.

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