Sean rings Belle’s bell!

With Thomas King back in Dubai, it has fallen to Sean to keep the teenage girls in the village happy (that’s Gemma and Belle – with 11-year-old Gabby hot on their heels) – and he’s certainly doing his best. If he put in as much effort at school he’d be a star pupil. But Sean’s brains are in his boxers (or briefs…) and he is focused on only one subject: chemistry. Or, more to the point, the chemistry between Belle Dingle and himself and how he can use that to make sparks fly between them in the bedroom. He knows when his house will be empty and he plans to get Belle inside and, er, make the most of the opportunity.

Sean has already had an opportunity with Gemma – and she has just passed a pregnancy test. Congratulations! Now she’s just got to tell her dad, Dom. There are lots of things a father longs to hear from his teenage daughter, such as, ‘Dad, I’m not having sex until I’m married’, and lots of things he definitely doesn’t want to hear, especially ‘Dad, I’m pregnant’. Dom does hear it, though – and he quickly works out who the daddy is.  

Victoria quickly turns on Adam when she hears he wants to go into business with rotten Robbie. Oh, for the days when he chased sheep around a field and buzzed about trying to look macho on his quad bike.