Sean spills his darkest secrets

Sean spills his darkest secrets to Tanya and admits that he feels responsible for his father’s death, although he didn’t actually kill him. Tanya is stunned and wants to know why he is telling her. Sean explains that he wants her to understand why he ran out on the family and left Stacey to cope alone with Jean. Sean moves in to kiss Tanya, but she pulls away and tells him to leave.

Abi develops a sudden cough and Tanya goes out for some cough mixture. Abi uses the time to search for the incriminating wedding DVD. Abi finds the DVD and dons a pair of oven gloves to burn the DVD over a candle flame. Tanya walks in and she is furious when she realises that Max put Abi up to destroying the DVD. Tanya goes to confront Max, who claims innocence. Max begs Tanya for another chance.

Stacey arrives in Tring and takes a taxi to her mother-in-law Rachel’s. Rachel reluctantly lets her in, but she refuses to hand over Bradley’s new address. Stacey opens up to Rachel and she lets slip that Bradley once made her have an abortion on advice from Max. Rachel softens and gives her Bradley’s address.

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