Niamh persuades Howard to let Sean paint the walls, but later embarrasses her brother by babbling on to Jimmi and Al about his sexuality. Later, Sean bumps into Al and the two of them get on well. Sean tells Niamh he thinks Al likes her, but she pretends not to have noticed.

Ben takes his granddad, Ted, to get himself checked out when he experiences chest pains.  He’s annoyed at being dragged to the clinic, but soon starts flirting with Karen and sees his old friend Heston working there. Later, Ted has a mishap with some medication he has taken and is forced to admit that he has been taking Viagra! Heston is on hand to give some medical advice and the pair make plans to meet up again soon.

Howard finds Emma in the staff room and tells her that it doesn’t matter if she is starting the menopause – he still wants to be with her.  Later, he tells her about the hotel in the Cotswolds that he has booked for them, and they are both excited at the thought of going away together.