Sean threatens to kill Chelsea!

Sean plays it cool as he’s questioned over Patrick’s attack and he tells the police that the real culprit will be on the CCTV tape. Sean is stunned when the police reveal that the tape is missing, although the CCTV from the back of the shop shows Sean leaving the Minute Mart and disappearing down the alley wearing a shirt that he no longer has on. Sean admits that he found

Patrick, but did a runner, afraid that he’d be accused of the attack.

Stacey is certain that her brother is innocent, but she’s stopped in her tracks when she learns that there are witnesses who saw Sean after the attack. Stacey realises that Chelsea is involved and she races over to the Wicks’ to accuse Chelsea of fitting up Sean. Stacey storms over to the police station and tells the police not to believe a word Chelsea says as she wants revenge on Sean for dumping her.

Meanwhile, Sean is led to his cell and he sees Deano and Chelsea leaving the interview room. He realises that they told the police that he attacked Patrick and in a fury he threatens to kill them, before being dragged to his cell.

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