Sean confronts Roxy and demands to know who fathered her baby; she blurts out that it’s his. Jack looks at Roxy pointedly as he realises that he could well be the dad, but she avoids his gaze. Sean is stunned by the news that he’s going to be a dad and confronts Jean, accusing her of knowing all about the pregnancy when she invited Roxy over for lunch.

Sean manhandles Jean into Charlie’s cab and Stacey sees Sean driving off with Jean in the back and wonders what’s going on. Meanwhile, Jack asks Roxy if the baby could be his but she lies that it’s definitely Sean’s. Jean worries for her safety, but she stands up to Sean and manages to calm him down. Sean takes Jean to the place where his father died before driving back to the square.

Zainab decides its high time she got her act together for the family’s sake and she starts to cook the family a meal. Shabnam is stunned as it’s the first time that cooking-phobic Zainab has ever attempted to prepare a meal!

Also, Darren and Libby want to take things to the next level; Chelsea meets Lucas and discovers that she has a half-brother; Heather wants an annulment.

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