Sean tracks down Deano

Sean is convinced that Deano is hiding out with Carly and he forces Dawn to give him her number by threatening Summer. Sean turns up at Carly’s and demands to see Deano, but she claims that Deano isn’t there. When Sean leaves, Carly confronts Deano, who is hiding out in the back, and insists that he return to face the music. Later, Carly turns up at the Wicks’ house, but Deano has gone missing yet again…

Jane appreciates Steven’s help at the cafe, but relations get onto a bad footing when he tries to suggest that Ian has left her. Steven regrets upsetting Jane and he later tells her that Ian left because of him not her… Steven stops himself from explaining any further and instead moves in for a kiss. Jane is horrified!

Libby is convinced that Darren has a new girlfriend after hearing him speaking to Demi on the phone about ‘Clara’ and when she sees him in the street she pretends that her schoolmate Tamwar is her boyfriend. Patrick has a go at Darren for breaking Libby’s heart and Darren realises Libby’s mistake. He finds Libby and tells her that ‘Clara’ is Demi’s dog!

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