A worried Calvin turns up at Louise’s flat to check on her and is horrified when he sees her sporting a black eye. Not mentioning Sean, Louise tells Calvin a stranger attacked her at Evissa and asks Calvin not to ask any more questions.

Later, Louise gets the fright of her life when she gets home to find Sean waiting for her. Sean informs Louise that she’s got to cough up £10,000 or he’ll tell Calvin all about her shady past…

Jacqui gets a phone call from immigration telling her they want to quiz her and Aleksander about their relationship the next day. Jacqui and Aleksander quickly head to The Dog to get their stories straight, while sceptical Mercedes is unimpressed when she learns that Aleksander has asked Russ to be his best man.

Still struggling to get over Becca’s death, Nancy is pleased when Jake agrees to help clear her sister’s name. But she gets stressed out when Jake goes to work, leaving her to look after baby Charlie.

Also, Zak tries his best to convince Gilly and Russ that 4Play can corner the local stripping market, but Russ disappoints him by telling him he won’t be stripping again.

And Michaela and Sonny are on the verge of sleeping together when Calvin returns home and interrupts them.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday April 10*