Louise is shocked when Sean Kennedy turns up in the village, fresh from Ibiza, keen to talk business, demanding £10,000 when Louise tells him she now owns half of Evissa. But when Louise refuses to pay up, things turn nasty…

With her wedding looming, Jacqui is finding it impossible to cope with Aleksander and their sham relationship. The pressure is beginning to get to Aleksander too, and he turns to Carmel for comfort but can’t bring himself to tell her the whole truth. But Jacqui confides everything to a stunned John-Paul who urges her to come clean.

Justin is having problems coping with the warring Clare and Warren. He agrees to Clare’s request to paint the office, but Warren stirs things up by telling him to forget about the painting and stop being Clare’s lap dog. Justin stands up to Clare, who’s furious, leaving scheming Warren delighted.

Puzzled Michaela wants to get to the bottom of Sonny’s hot and cold attitude towards her. But Sasha interrupts their heart to heart, prompting Michaela to go off in a huff. Later, Michaela forgives Sonny after he apologises for the way he’s been acting and the pair kiss and make up.

*Screened on TV3, Monday April 9*