Sean can’t believe that Violet and Jamie would betray him by leaving with Dylan without discussing it first. But Marcus and Lauren are less convinced. Sean visits Violet and Jamie assures him that they will tell him if they have plans to move. But when Marcus discovers that Violet has quit her midwife, he and Sean realise the awful truth. Ryan has had enough of competing with Alex who seems to have Michelle wrapped around his little finger. Ryan asks Liam if he can move in with him and Maria. Michelle is torn between her two sons and she insists that Alex needs her more than Ryan at the moment and agrees that it might be an idea if Ryan did stay with Liam. Dan and Harry are not seeing eye to eye over living in the same flat and Dan is heartily sick of all the clutter. Dan insists that Harry make some more space in the flat, but he’s horrified when he returns home to discover that Harry has got rid of all Dan’s furniture and kept his own tatty stuff. Also, David and Tina have a fight when he’s jealous about her meeting up with her ex.