Sean is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde this week when he turns on the charm for his ex-wife Jessica, but goes out of his way to irritate Adam.

Following his shock reappearance last week, consultant Sean returns to the casualty department to treat injured canteen worker Molly – played by Lynda Baron, who we last saw as Jane Beale’s mum, Linda, in EastEnders. However, Sean’s more concerned with getting into Jessica’s good books than treating his patient.

Adam’s incensed when he realises Sean has neglected Molly’s care in favour of helping Jessica make nativity costumes for their children, Amelia and Lucas. And while Sean is making a real effort to win over Jessica, when it comes to Adam, he’s got other ideas.

While the two doctors are operating on Molly, Sean attempts to undermine Adam with snide comments. Adam warns him that he knows his game, only for Sean to laugh it off and remind his love rival that Jessica hates paranoia…

Elsewhere, Ruth’s heroin-addict brother, Jonathan, shows up. He is just out of prison and begs Ruth to give him a chance but she has him escorted from the hospital by security. But later – after a dressing down from Jay about how she treats people who care about her – Ruth has a change of heart and invites Jonathan to live with her.

Polly is still suffering the after-effects of Alistair’s death.