Following her recent collapse due to a further kidney failure, Susan and her husband Mike are shocked when a nurse tells them that Susan’s remaining kidney is critically failing and that her dialysis isn’t helping her. It means Susan will die if she does not receive a kidney transplant immediately.

When told, a shocked Bree, Lynette, Gabrielle and Renee rush to organise for most of Wisteria Lane’s residents to be blood-tested to see who can be Susan’s donor. It turns out two people are a match – Bree and Beth. In a shocking final twist to the episode Beth arrives at the hospital with her donor forms and shoots herself in the head in front of hospital staff.

Gaby and Lee have a battle of the pushy parents over the school talent competition, but Gaby finally learns a good lesson in motherhood when she sees Juanita attempt her clumsy tap routines. Renee offers to babysit Paige, with disastrous consequences after she decides to take the baby on a date to a restaurant. Lynette and Tom are there too and decide to teach her a lesson.

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