Seb finally plucks up the courage to confide in Faye about his awful home life but when he takes her to see his house and they enter the living room they’re shocked to find his mum unconscious having overdosed. Are they too late to save her?

In a dramatic week of episodes old ghosts come back to haunt Phelan, threatening his future in Weatherfield and the life of those residents who attempt to stand in his way. Having promised Andy that he’ll soon be a free man the pressure is on for Phelan to come up with his replacement. Vinny calls at the care home and there’s no sign of his Mum – instead he finds himself face to face with Phelan!

Still down on his luck Aidan hits the bottle in the Rovers, hoping to forget his troubles. As Adam goads him, Aidan suddenly snaps and launches himself at Adam but Johnny steps in and drags him home.

First episode of night.