When Eileen spots Phelan’s toolbox she asks him to fix a door. Assuming the gun to be in the toolbox, Seb looks at Phelan with baited breath. Phelan quickly changes the subject and Eileen’s left none the wiser. Unable to take anymore Seb gathers his things, intent on doing a runner. Eileen wants to know what’s going on. Terrified, Seb tells her that Phelan is not who she thinks, he framed Anna for GBH and he’s hiding a gun in his toolbox. Seb runs off leaving Eileen reeling and deeply concerned she opens her laptop. Meanwhile, Anna’s taken aback when a prison officer reveals she’s had an urgent request for a visiting order from Eileen.

Craig arrives at No.8 a bag of nerves. He’s thrilled to see Bethany dressed sexily but bemused when she tells him she’s nipping upstairs to change. Dressed in a tracksuit, Bethany flicks on the TV and settles down and Craig tries to hide his disappointment.

Chesney tells Sinead that he plans to take Joseph to the park to scatter Katy’s ashes. Sinead suggests she comes along too but she’s put out to discover they went without her. Chesney tells Sinead he’ll see her at the altar.

Gemma reminds Henry about the wedding. Henry feigns enthusiasm.

Second episode of evening.