Phelan makes it clear to Seb that he knows he’s been snooping around. Seb’s unnerved and in a bid to stay out of Phelan’s way he helps Eileen at the cab office – but is Phelan onto him?

After a fruitless meeting with the bank Zeedan tells Rana they’ll have to put their business on hold for now and he asks Robert for his old job back at the bistro. When Sophie admits that she really likes Kate, Rana’s quick to put her off, making out that Kate wouldn’t be interested.

When Chesney invites Henry to the wedding as Gemma’s plus one, Gemma’s thrilled but it’s clear Henry isn’t keen. Tyrone breaks the news to Ches that Cilla’s taken a turn for the worse so neither she nor Fiz will be able to make it and Chesney’s gutted.

Craig calls at No.8 with flowers for Bethany. When she invites him round for tea and explains that they’ll have the house to themselves, he can’t believe his luck!

First episode of evening.