New Year, New You, New Me

Sebastian has to deal with Dylan's confrontation while trying to save a boy who's had a swimming pool accident

Elle tells Dylan about Sebastian’s accusation and the rumour mill in the ED goes into overdrive. Dylan’s anger soon builds and he publically confronts Sebastian..

Seb has a difficult situation on his hand when a boy, Jake, arrives at hospital having fallen into a pool and stopped breathing. His friend Jodie appears to have been bullying him and filming it for social media. An undiagnosed thyroid problem is diagnosed, worsened by the spell in cold water.

Can Seb focus and save him while dealing with Dylan? And what is the real story behind Jodie’s bullying?

Cal is determined to show Alicia he’s uncommitted to their relationship and opportunistically steals Ethan’s research proposal to go to South Africa for three months. As Ethan vents his frustration to Alicia, he decides he isn’t going to let his brother walk over him any more. Will Ethan’s loyalty be tested?

Meanwhile, Charlie offers to take care of his and Duffy’s wedding plans – but how will he fare?