Farmer John looks puzzled when Moira kicks off in the pub – and no wonder! She’s fighting with Chas over him! Yes, really! There are two women ready to get their claws out over John Barton, the man with no personality. Since when has Chas been that desperate? She should just let Moira have him. Trouble is, John is still insisting he doesn’t want Moira. Adam’s furious with his dad and Moira’s heartbroken. All she wants is to put her family back together, but John says it’s too late, she’s torn them apart by sleeping with Cain.

Feeling Val has abandoned her, Amy has hit the self-destruct button and had a wild night out. Amy needs someone to hold her and tell her everything will be all right, but that’s not Val’s first reaction when she sees her. After a lot of shouting and tears, though, Val finally gives Amy the support she needs. But Pollard is in her bad books…

Rodney’s got on the wrong side of his daughter. The money he blackmailed out of Carl has come from the haulage business and Jimmy says they’re finished without it. So Nicola tells Rodney he has to give the money back. Damn! Still, Rodney makes sure he gets something for the money: work.