The Secret Life of Emily Bronte – C4

Two hundred years after the author's birth, Lily Cole - an admirer of Emily Bronte's work - explores her world and the groundbreaking novel she produced, Wuthering Heights

Superfan Lily Cole 
on a novelist who continues to inspire in the one-off documentary, The Secret World of Emily Bronte

Emily Brontë’s 1847 gothic 
novel Wuthering Heights has been much adapted for stage and big and small screen, is on the A-Level syllabus, and was even immortalised in the classic Kate Bush song.

Lily Cole on the Brontes

Lily in box bedroom, a famous location in Wuthering Heights

Model and actress Lily Cole is a massive fan of the story, which tells 
of the intense love between a mysterious outsider, Heathcliff, and his adoptive sister, Cathy. This absorbing film follows Lily as she explores the Yorkshire landscape that influenced Emily, and some 
of the novel’s controversial themes of domestic violence and ‘otherness’.

We also see Lily making her own film, Balls, which reimagines Heathcliff’s early life as a foundling in Liverpool.

TV Times rating: ****