Cameras at Chester Zoo follow an elderly cheetah, events in the orang-utan enclosure, and an Asian pond turtle as Secret Life of the Zoo continues

In episode two, the keepers are worried when there’s trouble with the cheetahs.

One of the elderly males is being given the cold shoulder by his brothers after he showed signs of having a limp.

The vets give the lonely big cat a thorough check-up, but his grumpy siblings are still short on brotherly love.

In the orang-utan enclosure, life lessons are being taught as young female Tuti wants to help out with four-month-old Kesuma.

But mum Emma needs to see that Tuti can be trusted before she hands over her baby.

The Secret Life of The Zoo: EP 10 shows the giant Asian pond turtle

Giant Asian Pond Turtle

Elsewhere, keepers nervously pair Asian pond turtle Shrek with a new female after his last girlfriend came to a sticky end!

TV Times rating: ****