Secrets and lies revealed!

Jessica rushes into the Emergency Department clutching her dangerously ill son. Later, she notices he has a rash – could Harry have meningitis? Distressed at her predicament, she confesses to Adam that he may be Harry’s father. Stunned by the news, Adam’s finally distracted by his feud with Jordan and contemplates this latest development.

Jeff is despondent now there’s no hope of a reconciliation with his wife and begins house-hunting. He secretly hopes Dixie will ask him to move in with her and confides in Zoe – who later tells Dixie! The pair agree to set up house together in Dixie’s newly renovated flat.

Tess accidentally let’s slip to Jay that Alice and Curtis have the day off together. One of Tony’s goons overhears the gossip and goes in search of evidence that the couple are still an item. He spots them kissing, takes a photo and sends it to Tony…

Adam admits he loves Jessica but he’d like a DNA test to find out for certain if he’s Harry’s dad. Later, however, he has a change of heart and tells Jessica it doesn’t matter if he’s the biological father as the most important thing is they are all together as a family.

After Adam calls a meeting with Henry, Jordan confesses to his rival he has a brain tumour and writes a resignation letter. But when the time comes to reveal all to Henry, Adam actively covers for Jordan and the pair agree to work side-by-side for as long as Jordan’s illness permits them.

*Strictly Come Dancing Star and journalist John Sergeant guest stars as himself*