Jimmy, Matthew, Carl and Rosemary gather for the reading of Tom’s will but they’re thrown when Carrie Nicholls arrives and informs them that she’s been named in the will. The solicitor announces Tom’s instructions for the company to be divided between the brothers, but there is another beneficiary – Carrie’s teenage daughter Scarlett. Carrie is forced to reveal that Scarlett is Tom’s daughter, conceived during an affair.

Debbie is determined to get her new taxi business off the ground and she unwisely employs Shadrach and Eli as taxi drivers. But business is dead on the first day and she sends her recruits out to the village with flyers. Debbie finally gets her first booking and sends out Shadrach and Eli. When the pair drive round aimlessly trying to find the address, it’s clear that someone has made a hoax booking.

Terry is feeling low the day after Tom’s funeral and Louise and Jamie worry about his depression. They encourage him to take a day off work to pamper himself. Terry takes TJ out for the day and the father-and-son bonding seems to work miracles. Terry is much more chipper by the time he returns from the day out and it seems that he may at last be able to put the tragedy of the last few months behind him.