Abby learns from Wakefield’s prison journal that her mother had his child. The wedding party – what’s left of it – suspect Abby maybe Wakefield’s daughter, and the reason behind the murders. A fight then breaks out and Beth goes missing. Searching a disused tunnel hidden behind the pantry at the Inn, Danny finds Beth’s body, while Abby finds on Madison in a secret room.

Meanwhile, Trish and Shea are searching for Madison in Shane’s truck when they see a hand sticking out of a manhole. Finding Abby and Madison, they return to the Inn, where Shane discovers Katherine has been stabbed to death. Seep!

*Second episode*

…and the body count continues.

With Katherine dead, the group is determined to leave the island. At the marina, where two state troopers have been shot dead, Shane turns on a generator which sets off an explosion, destroying all the boats – including the one Jimmy was on. Shots are fired, forcing everyone to take cover at The Cannery. Maggie’s dead body is then hurled from the roof. Snap!

Remembering the sailing boat, the group create a diversion so that Cal and Sully can reach Nikki’s car, but Cal ends up being shot and injured in the process. An unconscious Jimmy is then dumped outside.

Finding her room key taped to Jimmy’s hand, Abby returns to The Candlewick where she meets with her father. He tells her John Wakefield is alive, and that he made a deal with him to save Jimmy’s life. He is then ripped out of a window and hung to death. Snap! When Abby runs outside to find him, she comes face-to-face with Wakefield…