Selena gets shot saving Harry

Harry returns to Holby as he tours the hospital on official business with a junior health minister. Seeing the love of her life once more, Selena is forced to confront her feelings. Maggie encourages Selena to come clean to Harry as she’s sure he still cares about her.

Later, Selena steps in to save Harry from a patient wielding a gun and is fatally wounded – and there’s little Stitch and Harry can do to save her. Harry delivers Selena and Nathan’s very premature baby, and ponders over how happy he himself could have been with Selena.

When Guppy’s own cocaine supply runs out, he tries to score some more from Stitch – but Stitch is having none of it and orders him to quit. Later, Guppy is high on cocaine and makes a potentially fatal error. Feeling responsible for Guppy’s decline, Stitch covers for him and eventually decides to resign.

*Last in the series*

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