As she arrives late for work, Holby’s deputy CEO Serena knows it’s going to be one of those days when she’s squirted by a kid with a water pistol, then boss Guy wants her to file a report sooner than expected! Serena quickly gets to work on the report but is then called away to treat patient Lennie, who’s fractured his shoulder falling out of a tree. Already with enough on her plate, Serena’s mum Adrienne then turns up – and she’s soon getting on her daughter’s nerves.

Serena’s bad day gets worse when Lennie gets up onto the hospital roof and refuses to come down until his ex-wife assures him he can see more of his son Ben, who had squirted Serena with the water pistol. But as Ben makes his own way up onto the roof, tragedy strikes… Shattered from the day’s events and after a serious dressing down from Guy about the rooftop incident, Serena drowns her sorrows in a bottle of wine. Is this the beginning of a downward spiral?

For the past few weeks Elliot hasn’t been feeling himself and keeps forgetting things. When Guy announces that they will be bringing forward the launch of the Herzig 5, Elliot’s left flustered but determined to pull it off. With the team unwilling to see his recent difficulties as anything more than part of Elliot’s little eccentricities, he’s left feeling isolated and fearing for his career.

Adele has been in the doghouse ever since Mo discovered that she’d been impersonating her on the radio. Unwilling to cut her any slack and holding her to impossibly high standards, Adele sets out to prove that she is a capable member of the team.