Serena Campbell gets a blast from the past this week when she discovers her ex-husband Edward is Holby’s new locum anaesthetist – and she’s most certainly not pleased to see him. Serena has bigger concerns that day as she treats Mr Capponi, who’s been brought to Holby with a badly infected leg, and they need to amputate to avoid blood poisoning.

But when Serena and Edward (Aden Gillett) disagree on how the patient should be anaesthetised, then Edward makes a comment to Malick about Serena wanting things her own way, she flips out! Edward quickly apologises and, later in theatre, he watches as Serena tries to calm a distressed Mr Capponi, who’s awake under epidural.

After the operation, Edward reckons they should open some wine and bury the hatchet. But can Serena and Edward ever be friends?

Meanwhile, Elliot is flying high as his relationship with psychiatrist Sharon grows stronger, but some shocking news threatens to blow them apart. When Elliot is forced to make an emotional decision can he stay true to himself?

Also, as she tries to piece together Charlie’s real identity, Chantelle begins to find her spirits lifting in his company. But following their recent kiss, will Arthur be able to keep a lid on his jealousy?