Sergeant Miller fears for his daughter

On the moors, Sergeant Miller gets a shock when he stops to help a man, who points a gun at him. Then, some other masked men emerge and lead Miller to the boot of their car, where his daughter Cheryl is being held hostage. The men warn Miller he must cooperate if he wants to see Cheryl again, and then speed off with her in the boot.

Elsewhere, Pcs Joe Mason and Don Wetherby are trying to control protesters, angry that French ‘Nazi’ Michel Dubois is in town for a conference, and soon learn that there may be an attempt on Dubois’ life. Later, Joe follows a clearly troubled Miller to a barn, where the reluctant Sergeant eventually tells him about the kidnappers, but orders Joe to keep quiet.

At the Aidensfield Arms, Dawn grows suspicious of one of the French guests, who she finds in possession of a large sum of money and guns. When Joe learns that there is a definite plot to kill Dubois, he worries that it could be connected to Cheryl’s kidnapping, and is torn between telling DS Dawson what he knows and staying loyal to Miller.

Back at the station, a relieved Miller receives a call from Cheryl, who says her day has been a “monstrosity” – a word she used to confuse with monastery. Miller is sure it’s a clue as to her whereabouts, and calls on Joe to help him find her. Joe soon learns that the gang want Miller to assist in an armed robbery – can they stop him without Cheryl getting hurt?