Sergeant Weston probes a robbery

As new sergeant Rachel Weston is introduced to the team at Sun Hill, out on the beat, Pcs Mel Ryder and Nate Roberts attend a road traffic accident, where they find an abandoned vehicle and a car with river, Chrissie Cholerton, unconscious at the wheel with 12-year-old Robin Pressman nearby.

Rachel and DCs Kezia Walker and Mickey Webb attend a break-in at Mackay’s Jewellers. Rachel uncovers a link to the car crash and is shocked to learn that Robin was in the back of the abandoned van – the suspected getaway vehicle – which is traced to squatters Steve Rose and Scarlett Pratt.

Steve and Scarlett admit they ran from the scene of the accident, but say they had nothing to do with the robbery. After Steve and Scarlett reveal that a man was sat next to Chrissie in the car, Rachel and Mel discover that Chrissie and her husband, Gary, are related to the jewellery shop owner and broke in as part of an insurance scam.

Later, Mel and Nate call round to Steve and Scarlett’s squat. Scarlett has knocked out Gary, who later claims that the couple stole the goods from them during the crash.