Sergeant Wright is running out of time

Sergeant Nikki Wright and Pc Will Fletcher are out on patrol when they hear a huge crash. Racing to the scene, they are stunned to see a scaffolding pole which has pierced through the window of a car – and its driver, Leslie Downey. Will quizzes passenger Anthony Watt who says he was talking to Leslie when the pole speared through the window.

Nikki talks to Leslie and keep his spirits up but is horrified to learn that Leslie’s chances of survival are virtually nil.

Aware that the incident isn’t an accident, Nikki faces a race against time to uncover who would want Leslie dead. Leslie tells Nikki that he owns a classic car dealership and Anthony is his apprentice.

Back at the station, Will questions Anthony further, with his brother, Damon. The officer discovers that Leslie is gay and gossip suggests he is having a relationship with Anthony. Damon is furious at the suggestion, making Will suspicious. Would Damon want rid of Leslie to protect his younger brother’s reputation?

As Leslie’s life begins to ebb away both Nikki and Will are forced to re-evaluate their positions at Sun Hill.

VIDEO: Watch a clip from this episode of The Bill.