Seth Collapses!

Riley takes the Mickey out of Riley’s lack of muscle and it clearly hits a nerve. Later, Jason overhears Seth buying dodgy pills from Gaz, but Seth seethes at his brother for trying to get involved and Gaz warns him not to tell his parents. Later, Seth is working out when the strain becomes too much and he collapses. Are Gaz’s steroids to blame?

Rhys tells Suzanne that he thinks he has lost both Jacqui and Gilly. Suzanne tells him that it might be time to move on, and away from Hollyoaks. But if not, he has to choose who he believes – Gilly or Jacqui.

Gaz tells Duncan that he’s kissed an older woman and Duncan instantly starts gossiping about his cougar. It won’t be long before the rumours start as to whom it could be! Later, Gaz is forced to reveal it’s Diane O’Conner to protect Heidi.

Also; Esther is still lying to Ruby about kissing Sinead, but Sinead later tells her it was Bart she kissed; Brendan is worried that Warren and Ste are getting too close to Pete, while Pete vows to show everyone the real Brendan; Gaz continues to wind up Carl and kisses Heidi when they’re alone.

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