Seth knows Jasmine’s secret

Story So Far…

Bart tells Jasmines she needs to confess. They go to the police station and Riley takes them to an interview room. Jasmine explains that Fern stabbed Bart and how she has been dressing as Jason. As they leave they bump into Seth and Riley. Later, Seth tells Fern that he saw Jasmine at the station and she panics. She tells a confused Seth that the pair are trying to set her up and that jasmine is really Jason.

Riley’s teaching Seth to drive in his sports car but when he goes to the toilet he leaves Riley alone. The car next to him is high jacked and in a blind panic he chases after the criminal, not even knowing how to drive. He manages to catch them and when the police show up Riley reveals Seth age and they are taken to the police station.

Bart overhears Jacqui and Kathleen’s conversation and later gives Jacqui back the grand and a half he stole from her. After giving Kathleen the money a reunited Bart and Jacqui follow her. They see her give the money to a policeman. She reveals she will be staying in Theresa’s life for good.

Also; Ste asks Brendan to take him on a date; Sinead confronts Amber over Rob.

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