Seven Worlds, One Planet – BBC1

Sir David Attenborough turns his attention to Asia as Seven Worlds, One Planet dives into its second episode

BBC Studios’ Seven Worlds, One Planet continues its trip around the continents with a journey to Asia (Sunday, 6.15pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

An orangutan mother and baby in Gunung Palung National Park

It’s not an easy watch as we switch from magical scenes of an orangutan with her baby in the jungle canopy to harrowing shots of walruses plummeting down cliffs to their deaths.

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We also get to meet the the blue-faced, golden-coated, snub-nosed snow monkeys that live in the mountain ranges of central China, on which the myth of the yeti is based.

Like most of Sir David Attenborough’s shows, this is mesmerising and horrifying in equal measure.

TV Times rating: ****