Shabnam and Kush are heartbroken

Shabnam gets ready to go to the hospital for the heartbreaking task of delivering her baby. When Tamwar returns from the airport he reveals that Zainab won’t be returning to the Square, as she didn’t catch her flight from Pakistan.

Kush and Masood take Shabnam to the hospital, leaving Carmel behind. Feeling guilty for not being there for Kush, Carmel makes the decision to go to the hospital to support her son. At the hospital, Kush is struggling to come to terms with the death of his baby. After some supportive words from Masood, Kush returns to the delivery suite where Shabnam gives birth to their son. 

While Shabnam is able to say a tender goodbye to their baby, Kush can’t deal with the emotions, walking out of the room. Finding Carmel waiting outside, Kush breaks down on her, finally giving him the strength to say his goodbyes. Back in the Square, Masood crumbles and is comforted by Carmel.