Shabnam and Kush learn heartbreaking news

Masood is concerned after Shabnam waits out the night for the baby’s normal movements when nothing seems to have changed. In denial, Shabnam insists they should wait until mid-morning as the baby normally gives a little kick when she has her tea break. When Kush surprises Shabnam with the decorated nursery, he’s taken aback when an upset Shabnam runs out.

Masood tells Shabnam that he’s spoken to the midwife, who insists Shabnam should go into the hospital immediately. When the midwife can’t find a heartbeat for the baby, a shell-shocked Shabnam tells Masood it’s time to call Kush. On arriving at the hospital, a terrified Kush sits with Shabnam to hear the heartbreaking news that their baby has died.

Martin takes Stacey out for lunch. Struggling with a hangover, he promises he’ll step up. Unconvinced, Stacey reveals she’s run out of her meds and may stop taking them altogether. Despite Martin insisting he’ll be there for her, Stacey says he can still leave if he wants to. Stacey finds Martin at home researching bipolar. He’s staying put.

Also, Tamwar and Nancy open up about their past relationships.