Shabnam is battered and bruised following the attack. Although Masood tries to convince her to go to the police, Shabnam refuses. Taking matters into his own hands, Masood goes to the police himself, leaving Shabnam furious when an officer calls her to take a statement. After losing it with Masood, Shabnam breaks down in tears and is found by Stacey, who comforts her. Stacey’s in shock when Shabnam makes a confession – she’s five months’ pregnant!

Incredulous when she admits she hasn’t told Kush, Stacey is harsh with Shabnam, leaving her upset. Struggling to process the news, Stacey ends up in bed with Martin. Meanwhile, after another argument with Masood, Shabnam opens up to Kush, admitting she’s pregnant.

Buster tries to cheer up Shirley, promising her that he will get hold of a solicitor to arrange to have Jade in their lives. Trying to get Shabnam on board, Buster is knocked back by her, with matters being made worse after Shirley gets involved. Later, Buster helps Carol take her mind off her upcoming hospital appointment as he continues to fix Jim’s old motorbike.

Also, Dot persuades Patrick to give Vincent a chance.