Shabnam is determined to help Stacey

Martin struggles to come to terms with his discovery. Meanwhile, Kush arranges a surprise birthday party for Shabnam. Hiding her worries, Shabnam paints on a smile. A touching gift from Jade pushes an emotional Shabnam to the edge, prompting her to tell Kush she’s fed up of questions about Stacey. Visiting Stacey in hospital, Shabnam realises how desolate Stacey is without Arthur. Shabnam tells Martin that they need to find a mother and baby unit for Stacey and Arthur as soon as possible.

Nancy is delighted at how well she’s done running the Vic when she counts up the week’s takings. Determined to continue her success, Nancy turns down Tamwar’s invite to Shabnam’s birthday party, preferring to work instead. Things soon start to go downhill in the Vic after Whitney and Nancy fall out. As the pair fight, Mick and Linda walk in!

Jay gets Ben to practise telling Abi the truth as he’s too nervous to just launch into it. In The Vic, Phil gets drunk and embarrasses himself, forcing Paul to carry him home. Alone with Ben at the Mitchells’ Paul pushes Ben over Abi again, telling him that unless he tells Abi the truth it’s over between them.

Also, Kathy is taken aback to learn that Bobby is leaving for school tomorrow instead of in September.