Shabnam makes a shock confession!

Shabnam’s admission about the abandoned baby shocks Stacey to the core. Stacey insists that Shabnam tell her everything. As the truth comes flooding out, Stacey is floored by the full story.

The Walford locals gossip about Dean’s arrest and tongues wag about Linda’s involvement. Trying to protect their mum, Nancy and Lee stand up for her, causing friendships to be strained. Whitney is a pillar of support for Lee, while Kim and Denise stand by Dean and Shirley.

At the police station, Dean gives his statement to the police, pleading his innocence as he goes through his version of events, which is very different from Linda’s. Meanwhile, Shirley is forced to choose between her sons when Mick begs Shirley to keep Linda out of the spotlight. Linda and Mick get the karaoke night going again after the night’s dramatic events. When Dean returns with Shirley by his side, Linda’s heart sinks as he declares in front of the whole pub that Linda is a liar.