Shabnam realises what’s upsetting Stacey!

Shabnam makes up with Stacey, who agrees to come to her Mehndi. When Shabnam bumps into Martin, she’s shocked to realise that Stacey has hidden the baby scan photo from him. At the Mehndi, Shabnam reads out the speech she’s prepared for the wedding. Surprised when an upset Stacey runs out, Shabnam follows to find out what’s wrong. Putting two and two together, Shabnam realises that Martin isn’t the baby’s father, which a guilty Stacey confirms.

Lee joins Kush and the stags at the Vic, disappointing Whitney, who had hoped Lee would spend the evening with her instead. Realising Whitney’s frustration, Elaine tries to give her some advice. Whitney wonders whether she can carry on like this.

Ben’s discovery has sent shockwaves through the family but he’s determined to get to the bottom of what’s been going on. Ben soon finds he’s opened up a can of worms as further truths come to light.

Also, Ronnie is determined to get Dean and Roxy to the fireworks, but why…?