Shabnam tells Stacey to back off

Shabnam is worried that she and Kush are becoming distant, turning to Masood for advice. Meanwhile, when Stacey learns that Kush didn’t tell Shabnam the truth about the baby she’s shocked. Noticing the pair talking, Martin wants to know what’s going on. To throw him off the scent, Kush is forced to tell Martin about Shabnam’s upsetting news. At the nativity, Shabnam is upset to realise that all three know about her news. Fed up with Stacey interfering, Shabnam tells her to back off.

Vincent and Kim are stunned by Phil’s latest act in his vendetta. As the terrifying situation escalates, Vincent and a drunk Phil come to blows. As truths and secrets come to light, Vincent is pushed to the edge, determined to protect his family.

Shirley takes Jade to The Vic Christmas Grotto to visit Santa. When she realises that Mick is playing Santa, she tries to distract Jade with other activities instead. Giving in to pressure, Shirley takes Jade to see Santa. Touched by Jade and Mick’s meeting, Shirley softens, but things still aren’t entirely resolved between mother and son.