Shadrach crashes his cab

Matthew and the other brothers are still in shock after discovering that their dad cheated on their dying mother. Matthew is determined to cut half-sister Scarlett out of the family and invalidate her inheritance. The brothers squabble over how to handle Carrie and can’t come to any agreement.

Matthew secretly pays Carrie a visit and offers to buy out Scarlett’s share of the business for a cash sum, as long as Carrie and Scarlett never bother the Kings again. Carrie is suspicious of his offer and doesn’t agree.

Debbie gets impatient as she waits for the phone to ring at Debbie’s Cabs. She finally gets a real client and sends Shadrach out to pick up the fare – but he struggles to work the cab radio and becomes hopelessly lost. As he fumbles with the switches he loses control of the car and crashes straight into a farm gate. Debbie is furious!

Rodney puts aside his recent despair at the collapse of his businesses and he’s determined to start again. The former businessman decides to start a new company – cleaning windows. Terry thinks it’s hilarious to see Rodney up a ladder with a bucket and cloth but Rodney is determined not to feel put down.