Shakespeare & Hathaway

Mark Benton and Jo Joyner star as private investigator Frank Hathaway and his client Lu Shakespeare in a new weekday drama

Jo Joyner and Mark Benton star in this new daytime weekday drama, brought together when Lu Shakespeare (Jo) asks private investigator Frank Hathaway (Mark) to find out if her fiancé is having an affair.

In 72 hours Lu is set to marry Clive, a rich businessman, who seems far too good to be true – and of course he is.

Frank discovers he’s a conman with a chequered past of marrying women for their money and then disappearing.

But with Lu already at the altar about to say ‘I do’, Frank needs to act fast…

Jo and Mark make a great team and while there’s nothing especially original about the series, it’s light, bright and makes the most of its Stratford-upon-Avon locale.