Shakil turns to Kush as their parents decide to divorce

After finding out their parents' divorce news, the two brothers bond

Kush and Shakil are saddened by the news that their dad is divorcing their mum, but it can’t have come as a surprise. The two brothers bond as they talk about what will happen next for their family.

Meanwhile, Carmel is getting herself all glammed up for her secret date with Max. Seeing the effort Carmel has gone to, Denise works out that she’s got a date. But when Denise asks if it’s Max, Carmel denies it. After enjoying a romantic evening with Max, Carmel goes to a hotel room with him where one thing leads to another…

Shirley is hurt when she overhears Mick and Fi talking about her future at The Vic. Determined to walk before she can be pushed, an upset Shirley tells Mick she quits… but she’s not moving out!