As Shandi makes progress with John, Denny turns up and he blows his daughter off once again. Frustrated, Shandi heads to The Diner, bumps into Marilyn and takes her frustrations out on her. Meanwhile, Irene makes it clear Shandi is off limits, but Chris decides to pursue her. The pair spend the day together flirting – but the day doesn’t exactly end on a romantic note.

Sophie tries to convince Nate to give their relationship another go, but he turns her down and he goes out kayaking. While on the water, Sophie listens to a voice message from Hannah on Nate’s phone. Agitated, she finds some prescription drugs in his bag.

Denny heads back to work, but bans anyone from mentioning Casey’s name. Sophie reaches out to Denny and her advice is just what Denny needs. She goes home and decides to visits the Braxtons for answers.

And Roo pushes Leah to find out if Zac has feelings for her. Although Leah refuses at first, Roo’s persistence eventually wears her down.