Shane volunteers Ross and Donna for a training course in London and a reluctant Donna is forced to accept to placate her boss Drake, who suspects she only returned to work for maternity leave pay. Later, Donna confronts Shane about telling Drake she’s trying for a baby, but when Shane makes a sly dig about her having fun with Ross, she realises with horror that Shane knows the truth about her infidelity.

Jamie overhears Terry telling Bob that Louise seems to have a mysterious new man and he confronts Louise, but is left frustrated when she refuses to tell him who her Aussie friend Jonty is. Louise is later forced to confess that she won a beauty contest in Australia and that Jonty is her manager, but she is hurt by Jamie’s suspicions and calls off their marriage.

Anna sneaks into Pear Tree Cottage with the stolen key, but she is forced to hide under the desk when Lexi enters. Lexi eventually leaves and Anna finds the details of the Kings’ new business deal in the files. Anna passes the information to Donald, but feels uncomfortable when Donald insists they proceed with the plan to crush the Kings.

Also, Diane encourages Victoria to do work experience at the vets.