Shane kidnaps Prince to stop him marrying Lily! Will Prince escape in time?

Shane intervenes to stop his son Prince from getting married to Lily!

With their wedding set for the very next day, Prince and Lily set about celebrating with their respective stag and hen dos. But while the teens are preparing to party, the adults have very different ideas.

Prince’s mum Goldie is adamant the nuptials are a terrible mistake so calls her hubby Shane from prison, and tells him he has to find a way of getting the wedding called off.

Meanwhile, Lily’s guardian, Diane, also wants to put a stop to her niece tying the knot and teams up with Shane.

Groom-in-waiting, Prince, is startled when Shane kidnaps him and at first  he thinks it’s just his stag mates Alfie and Tom pranking him, but he’s very wrong!

Will he be able to escape and make it to his own wedding or is Lily going to find herself alone at the altar?

Elsewhere, Maxine struggles to find a school for Minnie and sets her heart on a private school but how will she be able to stump up the £20K fees?

Plus, Tom reports Finn to the police unaware the real culprit for his stolen cash is Milo!